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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • cartoons
  • 57 years old | Abanda, AL, USA

  • raiadus
  • 24 years old | Denver, CO, USA

  • bab61854
  • bab for ever
  • 65 years old | Doniphan, MO, USA

  • InNYC
  • I hit the gym about 4 or 5 times a week, and bike during the summer months. My workout is usually split up around 30 minutes on weights and 30-45 minutes cardio. My goal is to stay in shape, and I prefer to be more on the slim side than not...although it is getting harder and harder as I get older. After 40, I noticed that I have to workout much more, and be even more conscious about what I eat......
  • 57 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

  • presidentblade
  • Health is the only real wealth I have surfed most of my life. I am into Xtreme mountain biking and some cross country. Also I snowboard. Skateboard once in awhile.
  • 70 years old | Laguna Hills, CA, USA

  • redmesa
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  • 40 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

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